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The Campers is a two-woman comedy family show, performed outdoors.

Cindy and Judith have set off on their annual charity work do, and this year, they’re camping for conjunctivitis. They’ve found the perfect pitch and are impatiently awaiting the arrival of Mary, their manager (and friend) only to find out she’s stuck in traffic and won’t be arriving any time soon. To make matters worse, she has all of Judith’s camping equipment and snacks in her car.

Judith, who already misses the comfort of the city, is forced to rely on the strained generosity of the practical and prepared Cindy, who is somewhat reluctant to share her carefully planned rations.

In an attempt to make the most of the situation, the ladies go rambling across the heavily privatised countryside where they encounter feisty land owners and a rampant bull.
The farcical events unfold through a blend of physical comedy, vegetable puppetry and 90’s pop classics.

Developed by Cecily Nash and Holly Walter, with direction from Laura Kirman and Claire Parry


Supported by Applause.

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