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Cecily Nash is a director and theatre-maker based in London. She is a graduate of the two-year professional physical theatre course at École Jacques Lecoq. Cecily co-created and directed the award-winning clown show Troll; from a critically acclaimed run in Edinburgh to Soho Theatre, it is currently touring the Adelaide & Melbourne fringes before heading to The Elysian, LA. She has worked as an actor and theatre-maker for over a decade with credits including The Road (Norway Clown Festival 2023, dir. by A de Castro), The Campers (2022 UK tour), The Frida Kahlo of Penge West (OffWestEnd nomination for Lead Performance in a Play), feature film Widow’s Walk (Amazon Prime) The Wind in the Willows and various voice works including channel 5's The Floogals.

Cecily's latest collaboration with Minnesotan clown Lil Wenker (real name) - Bangtail (WIP) - is returning to the UK, having finished a sold-out US tour. It will premiere with Pleasance at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2024.

GET IN TOUCH! I'm always keen to collaborate with new artists! So if you're looking for a director, an outside eye, a performer or even just a big laugh in the room - send me an email and let's GET ON WITH IT!

Photo by @photophoebe

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