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Bangtail: Baddest. Cowboy. Texas. These are just a few words to describe the Baddest Cowboy in Texas. He roots n’ toots n’ rides from the highest mountain to the booziest saloon. That’s his God-given purpose. But what happens when a Badder Cowboy-er Texas-er (AKA his nemesis) rides into town and steals his title?


Directionless and in search of a new identity, he becomes an accountant. Specifically, the baddest (best) accountant at an average mid-sized animal feed manufacturer in rural Minnesota. But when a rival animal feed company threatens liquidation, which would render Alan unemployed and again without direction, he must reconcile his past and present to save the firm.


BANGTAIL shows a man caught between two identities: a Clint Eastwood cowboy and a middle-America 9-5er. As our hero moves between the two worlds, exploring the shifting expectations of and for himself, he seeks to connect with and find his true purpose.

Performed by and co-created with Lil Wenker

Directed and co-created by Cecily Nash

Produced by Chekhov's Gum

Photography & poster design by Hudson Hughes

2024 Work-in-Progress World Tour dates:

Feb 18, Leicester Comedy Festival, Leicester 
Feb 27, Pinch of Vaults, London 
March 9, Caveat, NYC SOLD OUT
March 14, Bryant Lake Bowl, MN SOLD OUT
March 19, Clash on Clark, Chicago SOLD OUT

May 17-18 Bosco Spiegeltent, Brighton
May 31-June 1, Peckham Fringe, London
July 12, Museum of Comedy, London

July 31-August 25 Pleasance Courtyard (Cellar), Edinburgh Fringe

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